CPHS Questionnaire

by Preetha Joseph

A note on the CPHS questionnaire was released on March 30, 2020. It described in detail the information captured during the CPHS survey interview. The note has now been updated with a schematic representation of the survey interview in the form of a questionnaire. This will provide users with clarity on how each indicator in CPHS is captured and recorded by the surveyors.

It should be noted that this is merely a representation of the CPHS ‘questionnaire’. CPHS is conducted as a conversational interview. Although the questions are constructed and documented in English, surveyors conduct the interviews in over 23 regional languages and local dialects. Data captured during the survey interviews are entered in real time by the surveyors, into our survey App on phones/tablets. The CPHS ‘questionnaire’ is in the form of data capture screens in the survey App.

We have provided a schematic representation that corresponds to the data capture screens. We believe that this will enable greater understanding of survey execution. This also provides users with a convenient reference of the CPHS questionnaire.

The updated note is available here.

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