Two New Indicators in Consumption Pyramids

by Preetha Joseph

Two new indicators have been added to the Consumption Pyramids module of the CPdx dataset. The new indicators will be available in the monthly expenses files of the Consumption Pyramids module, for the month of January 2022 and for all subsequent months. Thus, the CPdx dataset will have 643 indicators from June 2022 onwards.


    This indicator captures the monthly household expenditure on batteries of any kind. This includes standard batteries used in household devices such as remote controls, clocks, electric toothbrushes, laptops etc. Larger batteries such as those required in vehicles and rechargeable batteries are also included here.

    Batteries and other such similar items were previously captured together under the MONTHLY_EXPENSE_ON_OTHER_HOUSECARE_PRODUCTS indicator. Many battery operated devices such as remote controls are commonly found in households. Electric vehicles that run on batteries are becoming increasingly popular. This new separate indicator will shed more light on such expenses and trends.


    This indicator captures monthly household expenditure on any spectacles, contact lenses and any other medical aids that are medically prescribed. This includes wheelchairs, crutches, prosthetic limbs, hearing aids, etc.

    Expenditure on spectacles and contact lenses was previously captured in the MONTHLY_EXPENSE_ON_BAGS_WALLETS_WATCHES_GLASSES indicator. Sunglasses/goggles and similar accessories that are not medically prescribed will continue to be captured in the MONTHLY_EXPENSE_ON_BAGS_WALLETS_WATCHES_GLASSES indicator. Prescription spectacles and contact lenses will not longer be captured in this indicator. They will be captured in the new MONTHLY_EXPENSE_ON_SPECTACLES_CONTACT_LENSES_AND_OTHER_MEDICAL_AIDS indicator, along with all other medical aids.

    We have been capturing 7 expense heads on various health services. This new indicator expands the scope of studying health-seeking behaviour and medical expenses of Indian households in more detail.

A complete list and definitions for all 643 CPdx indicators are available here.

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