Note on Sample Survival and Response Rate Updated

by Preetha Joseph

A note on sample survival and response rate was first released on March 12 2020. Authored by Mahesh Vyas, this note was initially written with the objective of describing changes in the CPHS sample and responses and their impact on the survival of the sample and the response rates over time from Wave 1 to Wave 18. This note was updated on May 7 2022 and is available here. The updated note is an expansion of the original one, with modifications in certain sections.

It came to our attention that subscribers and the research community would like to know more about the the principles and methods that guided the changes in the sample. In response to this, the note was expanded to describe the changes in the sample in more detail. Specifically, the updated note clearly outlines the different types of changes in the sample and the procedure undertaken for each change. The sections on the evolution of the CPHS sample and the creation of the first and subsequent samples have been expanded. The sections on survival of the panel, response rates, and sample survival remain unchanged.