CPHS Execution on Holi

by Preetha Joseph

The festival of Holi was celebrated across India on 18th March 2022. After two years of the pandemic lockdowns, Holi celebrations were largely unrestricted in most states this year.

CMIE is currently running the 25th wave of the Consumer Pyramids Household Survey (CPHS). CPHS is designed to ensure simultaneous data collection and validation daily, with a sample that adequately represents urban and rural regions in India. Around 200 field surveyors conduct interviews everyday and the festival day of Holi was no exception. But, they conducted fewer interviews than they do usually. 688 in-person interviews were completed and accepted by supervisors on the day, resulting in a response rate of 43% This was a decline from an average of 71% during the preceding few days.

Survey managers located across the country create weekly plans for the specific households slotted for interview each week. The weekly plans map each household to a particular day of the week and to a particular surveyor. In the month of March, the weekly plans were created keeping in mind the local Holi celebrations. Sample households closer to the home location of the field surveyors were slotted for interview on Holi and the few days before and after. This would ensure greater success in conducting interviews and maintaining response rates. CPHS attempts to interview each sample household every 16 weeks. This gap was not affected by the adjustments made in the weekly plans in March.

Response rates were highest across the southern states. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh reported response rates above 80%. The festivities had a larger impact on responses in northern India where several states reported response rates lower than 30%. Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan reported the lowest response rates on and around the Holi festival.

CPHS execution continued over the weekend (19th-20th March) and response rates rose to 72% by 21st March. The month of March ended with an overall response rate of 76%, higher than the average response rate of 73% for wave 25 so far.

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