Title: Survey Execution
Authors: Kaushik Krishnan, Mahesh Vyas

We conducted a webinar on how we carry out the world’s largest household panel survey, the Consumer Pyramids Household Survey. Kaushik Krishnan, Chief Economist and Mahesh Vyas, MD and CEO of CMIE talked about Survey Execution of CPHS on Friday, October 8 2021 to a live audience through both Zoom and YouTube. Over 45 unique viewers joined us for the presentation across both platforms.

What was presented?

The Consumer Pyramids Household Survey (CPHS) is conducted primarily through face-to-face interviews. These interviews are conducted every day across the length and breadth of India. This is a tall order. The detailed planning, the validation processes and other related details regarding CPHS execution were explained in this webinar.

In a nutshell, CPHS is made possible due to strong processes, teams and technology systems. Each round of CPHS is broken into 4 months, and finally into 16 week slots. All 16 week slots for a round are decided and planned before the survey goes into the field. The execution is handled by a team of almost 300 people, of whom 100 are supervisors. All data collected is validated in real-time through a technology system that ensures that there is zero paper being used in the field.

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