Stories From Wave 22: Research Ideas

CMIE presented Stories from Wave 22 on June 10, 2021. The presentation was followed by a live question and answer session. Over 150 questions were asked by the audience, with the bulk of them being answered during the session.

Many of the questions asked were whether particular research ideas were feasible. Almost all of the questions from the audience are possible to explore with the unit-level data that is available in CPdx! We summarise those ideas below for you to investigate:

Labour Force Participation

  1. Did Covid19 and the lockdowns cause a significant change in occupational structures?
  2. Can the pattern of jobs destruction among those people employed by companies, but did not have office jobs be attributed to differences between blue-collar and white-collar workers?
  3. Are non-office based company workers largely contract workers?
  4. Did people with jobs in the IT sector, or those that work on digital services, see the same job loss as people working in other sectors?
  5. Did those people working in companies, who managed to retain their jobs during the pandemic experience salary cuts?
  6. What explains the rise in agricultural employment since 2020?


  1. What is the evolution of average household income in real terms?
  2. How have incomes changed for agricultural households?
  3. Did the increase in agricultural employment in 2020 and 2021 cause agricultural wage rates to fall?
  4. How is the marginal rupee of income allocated by the household between savings and consumption expenditure?

Consumption Expenditure

  1. Do government incentives to spend money result in increased consumption expenditure?
  2. Does consumption expenditure on non-durables have any relationship to consumption expenditure on durables?
  3. How has food consumption changed due to Covid-19 and the lockdowns?

Ownership and Intentions to Purchase Assets

  1. Can the time series in intention to purchase be studied to find out exactly when consumer demand dropped?
  2. Some households already own certain assets. Can one analyse just those households that don’t currently own that asset, and then study how their intention to purchase changed over time?
  3. What fraction of households that intend to buy a particular consumer good in a Wave, actually buy that particular consumer good in a future Wave?
  4. Do this workers that have moved to agricultural employment in 2020 and onwards own their own land?


  1. Can you study health and mortality among households in India?
  2. Has Covid-19 changed the demand for health insurance in India?
  3. How has out of pocket expenditure on health evolved over the years?


  1. What are the broad trends on migration in 2020?

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