Upcoming Webinar: Stories from Wave 22 CPHS

Join us for an engaging discussion on the stories and backstories from the most recently completed round of the world’s largest household panel survey. Wave 22 of CPHS began on January 1, 2021 and concluded on April 30, 2021.

The event is on Thursday, June 10 2021 at 8.30 PM IST (8.00 AM PT, 10.00 AM CT, 11.00 AM ET, 5.00 PM GMT). Please sign up here.


  1. Expanding the sample in Wave 22: The CPHS sample had remained unchanged since Wave 16 (January-April 2019). We have now expanded the sample and would like to explain to you where and why. The sample is expected to expand in Wave 23 as well. We will describe what we have in the pipeline.
  2. Balance in the sample in Wave 22: Changes in the sample should ensure that the sample does not get skewed in any direction. The vagaries of survey execution in the field might also throw the final sample of surveyed households off balance. Some balancing handles are in our control while others are not. We describe how we managed to maintain balance and the outcomes of these efforts.
  3. Some interesting results from Wave 22: Each Wave of CPHS is full of stories for you and our users to discover. We’ll be delighted to hear and showcase them in the CPHS Research Seminar Series. We make a beginning in this talk by sharing a few of the stories that we find in the data.

The webinar is expected to last an hour. We will keep aside another 30 minutes to answer your questions. This will be an engaging and interactive session where we explain how CMIE fared while conducting Wave 22 and where you can ask us questions on the execution. Your questions are important for us to know both what excites and concerns you about the survey. Each round gets better with your feedback.

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