Good news from January 2021

Data for monthly income and monthly expenses for the month of September 2020 were released on February 1, 2021. i.e. the day immediately after the collection of this data ended as scheduled, on January 21, 2021.

Data on income earned and expenses incurred during a given month is collected over a four-month period beginning in the month following the month for which the data is being collected. As a result, data corresponding to income earned and expenses incurred in the month of September 2020 were collected in the months of October 2020, November 2020, December 2020 and January 2021.

Household income and expenses data for September 2020 are available for 128,026 households. The sample size was 174,901 households.

The release also includes incomes of 640,797 members of the sample households. Member-wise data is collected along with the household income and expenses data.

Highest post-lockdown response rate

The response rate for monthly income and expenses for the month of September 2020 is 73.20 percent. This is the highest response rate for any monthly series released release since the onset of the lockdowns.

The response rate for households slotted for execution in October 2020 was 74.17 percent. After declines in November 2020 and December 2020, the overall response rate for households slotted for execution in January 2021 was 75.89 percent. This is the highest monthly response rate on record since the lockdown.

The response rate is higher at 76.76 per cent if we consider only those households that were available to survey. 496 households were not available to survey because these are a part of an exercise that was initiated in January 2021 to increase the sample. Such households are included in the sample but not available yet to survey because this is still work in progress.

Studying the Lockdown with CPdx Data

Many researchers are interested in studying the impact of the lockdown on incomes and consumption. Assuming the epicenter of the lockdown shock to be in March 2020, there is now 6 months of data available on either side of the event. Cross-sectional analyses can easily be performed since there is more than adequate sample for this. The lowest response rate for monthly household income and consumption was for the month of March 2020, with an overall response from 68,408 households, corresponding to 342,511 individuals. Monthly data for all other months have strictly more observations.

Some kinds of work require a common set of households or members to be studied. The table below shows the common sample available in terms of households and members for point-in-time comparisons to September 2020 as well as for studying the cumulative monthly time-series for the past year.

Researchers interested in point-in-time comparisons between September 2020 and any month in preceding year, for the set of households that were surveyed in both points will have a significant sample size at their disposal. March 2020 continues to be the month for which the common sample between any month in the last year and September 2020 is at its lowest. Even at that point, there are over 57,000 common households and over 287,000 common individuals available to study.

Finally, some use-cases might require the creation of a balanced panel of households or individuals. For example, a researcher might wish to do an event study for the one-year period around the event of the lockdown, with a balanced panel. To perform that, they would have over 42,000 households and 207,000 individuals at their disposal.

Thanks to the large sample size of CPHS and the tireless efforts of the survey team to ensure that the survey was run without interruptions, CPdx provides an ample sample for researchers to study the effects of the lockdown on the fortunes of households and individuals through a variety of methods.

Month Common Sample
Households Individuals
Between Month and Sep 2020 From Month and Sep 2020 Between Month and Sep 2020 From Month and Sep 2020
Sep 2019 114,926 42,003 563,236 207,486
Oct 2019 116,024 43,162 570,282 214,013
Nov 2019 108,380 44,089 533,621 219,315
Dec 2019 90,708 44,544 448,924 222,049
Jan 2020 73,543 45,176 364,974 225,830
Feb 2020 59,710 46,098 297,355 230,979
Mar 2020 57,486 51,961 287,116 260,503
Apr 2020 65,214 63,150 326,390 316,335
May 2020 77,326 77,326 387,218 387,218
Jun 2020 93,426 93,426 468,087 468,087
Jul 2020 106,541 106,541 534,081 534,081
Aug 2020 119,730 119,730 598,687 598,687
Sep 2020 128,026 128,026 640,797 640,797

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