CPHS Wave 21 Data Published

Record-level data from Wave 21 of Consumer Pyramids Household Survey have been released. Wave 21 was conducted during September 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. Release of this data implies updates to People of Indiadx, Aspirational Indiadx, Income Pyramidsdx and Consumption Pyramidsdx services.

People of Indiadx delivers record-level data on individual residents of sample households. People of Indiadx for Wave 21 contains data for 616,485 individuals. This includes information on their identities, educational attainment, employment, health status, level of financial inclusion and time spent on various activities during a representative day. People of Indiadx also includes a new set of indicators on migration.

Aspirational Indiadx delivers record-level data on households. For Wave 21, Aspirational Indiadx includes responses from 123,188 households. This includes data on present and future ownership of assets, savings and investments, and consumer sentiment. It also includes data on borrowings by source and purpose. Finally, Aspirational Indiadx includes data on household amenities.

Record-level data on household and member income for August 2020 have also been released. This updates the Income Pyramidsdx service. At the end of each Wave, First Release versions of monthly income for the last three months are also updated to their final release files. Therefore, subscribers can now download the final release files for income earned in the months of May, June, July and August 2020.

Consumption Pyramidsdx delivers household-level data on consumption expenditure at a monthly frequency. Like the monthly income data, this month’s data release includes final release files for consumption expenditure in the months of May, June, July and August 2020. Consumption Pyramidsdx also delivers additional data at the Wave-level. This provides a snapshot of weekly expenses for 27 fast-frequency consumption goods. Weekly expenditure data collected during the period of September to December, 2020 has also been released.

Wave 21 was the first complete wave of CPHS to be conducted after the nationwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic was lifted. The response rate was 70.63 per cent. This is over 60 per cent higher than Wave 20, which was conducted almost entirely during the lockdown. Wave 21’s response rate is even better than Wave 19, which was only partially affected by the lockdown during the month of April 2020.

Despite the official lifting of the national lockdown, local restrictions on mobility continued to be in place sporadically during this period. Additionally, many places have yet to resume public transportation. This has meant that while the response rate for Wave 21 has improved dramatically, it is yet to reach pre-lockdown levels.

Strong Response Rate in Wave 21
Wave Period Sample Responses Response Rate (%)
21 Sep-Dec 2020 174,405 123,188 70.63
20 May-Aug 2020 174,405 76,386 43.80
19 Jan-Apr 2020 174,405 112,289 64.38
18 Sep-Dec 2019 174,405 147,319 84.47
17 May-Aug 2019 174,405 147,868 84.78
16 Jan-Apr 2019 174,405 146,328 83.90

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