Anup Malani
University of Chicago
Sabareesh Ramachandran
University of California San Diego
Working Paper
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● All-cause mortality during SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic in India: Nationally-representative estimates independent of official death registry
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We estimate excess deaths in India during the COVID pandemic using monthly deaths in the sample of a privately-conducted, nationally-representative, large, panel data set. The data set includes roughly 174,000 households (1.2 million members) and spans January 2015 - June 2021. We estimate COVID is associated with 3.36 million (95% CI: 2.08-4.63 million) excess deaths, a 17.3% increase in the all-cause death rate, until April 2021. Excess deaths spike during the peaks of the 2 infection waves in India. The second wave is associated with significantly more excess deaths than the first. The age-pattern of deaths is skewed towards the elderly relative to baseline.

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