Shailesh Kumar
Dvara Research
Misha Sharma
Dvara Research
Dvara Research Research Brief, Jul 2020
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● Picturising the Portfolios of Indian Households
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In this research brief, we picturise the portfolio of Indian households by reviewing the participation rates across various financial and non-financial instruments using data from 2019. We use the Consumer Pyramid Household Survey (CPHS) dataset collected and maintained by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) for our analysis . CPHS is a large-scale longitudinal survey of sample households surveyed repeatedly over time. The survey is conducted thrice every year in three waves. For the purpose of this analysis, we use the May to August 2019 wave of CPHS that consists of a total of 1,47,868 households in its sample. However, we apply household weights to make the sample representative at a population level, for this analysis. Specifically, we examine the data on whether households have current outstanding investments and borrowings across aies, respectively. This helps us construct the portfolio of households by examining their participation rates across financial and non-financial instrument.

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