The People of India database provides a moving kaleidoscope of the attributes and peculiarities of the Indian people.

Its exceptional strengths for researchers are first, its huge sample size of over 1.19 mln individuals, second, its massive geographical coverage across 320 towns and 3,900 villages and third, its relentlessly growing time-series -- 19 Waves and growing.

People of India is the best source to access the most recent and reliable data on the basic identities of the Indian people. If you need to understand the population pyramid, distribution of population by sensitive classifications such as religion and caste and even migration People of India is what you must use.

Each individual in the database is identified by a unique code and can be traced overtime across waves

There is a lot more than just these basics in this gigantic database.

There is the education level along with the discipline of education, self-assessed health and financial inclusion indicators. These combine very well with identity indicators to unravel the patterns inside India's demographic kaleidoscope.

The People of India database is particularly rich in capturing labour market supply characteristics. It provides information on the employment / unemployment status of every individual over 14 years of age. For the employed, it provides details of duration of place of work, type of employment and nature of engagement. And, for those outside the labour markets it provides the self-stated expectation of these to join the labour markets.

Beginning 2019, People of India also provides comprehensive self-stated time-use data.

The People of India database is therefore rich in size, in geographical diversity, in time and also in its content. It provides three snapshots of the entire sample every year since 2014. As of early 2020, this implied 18 complete Waves.

This enables a study of the changing distributions of the Indian population over time.

What is even more powerful is that it is possible to do analysis by cohorts because each member in the database is identified by a unique code that remains unchanged throughout the timespan of the database.

People of India is a powerful database by itself. It works greater wonders with the other databases in the Consumer Pyramids DX offerings, which include Income Pyramids, Consumption Pyramids and Aspirational India.

1.19 mln
waves every year

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