Date Title
28 Oct 2021 Decoding Declining Labour Force Participation of Indian Women
21 Oct 2021 Gender
14 Oct 2021 Household Groups
08 Oct 2021 Survey Execution
23 Sep 2021 Stories from Wave 23
09 Sep 2021 Competitive Exams for Government Jobs and the Labor Supply of College Graduates in India
18 Aug 2021 COVID-19 and nutrition security: Findings from TCI research on Gender and Nutrition in India
12 Aug 2021 Introduction to Consumer Pyramids Household Survey
22 Jul 2021 The Member Roster in CPHS
15 Jul 2021 Survey-Based Estimates of Excess Mortality in the Covid Pandemic
08 Jul 2021 All-cause mortality during SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic in India
24 Jun 2021 The uneven expansion of electricity supply in India
10 Jun 2021 Stories from CPHS Wave 22 (January-April 2021)
29 Apr 2021 Pandemic Containment and Inequality in a Developing Economy
25 Mar 2021 Explaining the Income and Consumption Effects of COVID
18 Feb 2021 Introduction to Consumer Pyramids Household Survey
11 Feb 2021 Unemployment and household spending in rural and urban India: Evidence from panel data
22 Jan 2021 CPHS Weights
18 Jan 2021 Dynamics of inequality and poverty in India
15 Jan 2021 CPHS Sample Survival and Response Rate
11 Jan 2021 Workers at risk: Panel data evidence on the COVID-19 labor market crisis in India
08 Jan 2021 CPHS Survey Design and Sample Size
22 Dec 2020 Covid-19, Employment and the Role of Social Protection Programs
15 Dec 2020 Tracking Employment Trajectories In the Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence from the CMIE-CPHS Panel
20 Nov 2020 Lights out? COVID-19 containment policies and economic activity
19 Oct 2020 The Covid-19 Pandemic and Gendered Division of Paid and Unpaid Work: Evidence from India
04 Sep 2020 Results from Wave 20 of CPHS

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