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since 2014

Unemployment rate (%)
Labour participation rate (%)
30-day moving average as of Feb 5 2023

The People of India database provides information on individual members of the sample households. It includes for each member, identity information such as gender, age, marital status, relation with household head, education, state-of-origin, religion and caste. It also includes status on and reasons for migration of members from households. Data on deaths of members is also available.


The database provides detailed data on occupation, nature of occupation and industry of operation. It provides data on employment / unemployment status, duration of employment / unemployment status, type of employment in terms of being full-time or part-time, employment arrangement in terms of being a salaried job or self-employment, or daily wage earner's job and place of work.


People of India offers a fairly detailed view of the way Indians spend their time in terms of work and leisure. Time spent on work is distinguished between work for family and work for employer, as an unpaid trainee or as a volunteer. Time on leisure is captured in terms of outdoor sports, indoor entertainment and plain hanging out. Then, there is time on travel, learning and on religion.

Health and finance

This database captures self-declared health status, medication and hospitalisation of individual members of the sample households. It provides information on whether members of the households have access to bank accounts, demat accounts, credit cards, life insurance and health insurance. And also, whether they have access to a mobile phone.

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