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Income Per Household (Rs/month)
Month | Sep 2022
Household Income

Income Pyramidsdx presents monthly time-series of income of sample households and its composition by sources. The sources of income include wages and pensions earned by members, dividends earned by them on equity investments, interest on savings and income from deposits, provident fund and insurance. It also includes household income from rent, transfers, business profits and sale of assets.

Household Groups

This data-set associates every household with five household groups. These groups are based on the composition of members of the households by four characteristics. These are age-composition of members, occupation-composition of members, education-composition of members and gender-composition. The fifth group is based on size, i.e. number of members in the household.

Member Incomes

This data set provides monthly time-series of income of every earning member of the sample households. It presents total monthly income and its composition in terms of wages including bonus and over-time payment, pension, dividends from equity investment, interest on debt investments and income from fixed deposits, provident fund and insurance.

Member Attributes

This database also provides key attributes of the earning member. These include age, gender, state-of-origin, religion, caste, relation of member with head of household, literacy, education and education discipline, nature of occupation, industry of occupation, occupation and marital status.

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