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Consumption expenditure Per Household (Rs/month)
Month | Sep 2022
Monthly expenses

Consumption Pyramidsdx provides a detailed break up of the monthly consumption expenses of Indian households. The database contains data on 153 specific expense heads. Many of these are expense heads with further detailed expenses embedded. About a quarter of the expense heads are of food expenses. Others include clothing, footwear, cosmetics, toiletries, appliances, restaurants, utilities, transport, communicatoin, education, health, EMIs and miscellaneous.

Weekly expenses

This database also offers data on expenses incurred during a week on 33 expense heads. These are consumption goods or services on which expenses are made relatively more frequently and households have a better recall of these expenses. Weekly expense data is collected during every Wave and is available in the form of three snapshots corresponding to the three Waves in a year.

Adjusted monthly expenses

Monthly expenses are also collected for the expense heads for which weekly expenses are collected. These monthly expenses are available in the raw form in which they are collected and also in an adjusted form. The adjusted monthly expenses are derived using the weekly expenses assuming that weekly expenses are more reliable but, using the month-to-month variation seen int the monthly series.

Household groups

This data-set associates every household with five household groups. These groups are based on the composition of members of the households by four characteristics. These are age-composition of members, occupation-composition of members, education-composition of members and gender-composition. The fifth group is based on size, i.e. number of members in the household.

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