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Index of Consumer Sentiment
Index of Consumer Expectations
30-day moving average as of Mar 18 2023

Aspirational India provides insights into households' interest in assets. Their interest could translate into ownership, desire to own, or just view on purchasing assets. A dozen assets are covered. A house, household comforts -- refrigerators, air-conditioners, coolers and washing machines; TV, computer; transport systems -- cars and two wheelers; and also gensets, tractors and cattle specially for rural India.

Investments & Debt

Households take decisions on saving today for a better tomorrow or borrowing today in the expectation of paying tomorrow. The Aspirational India database measures households decisions on the instruments it uses to save and the instruments it may choose to save in the near future. And, it measures household decisions to borrow from specific institutions for specific purposes.


How many households live in households with brick-and-mortar walls and concrete roof as against those whose houses can be classified as "kutcha" because of the type of material that makes their walls or roofs?. How many households have access to water and electricity and how sustained is such access. Aspirational India provides answers such questions for the sample households.


Decisions to buy assets are often associated with consumer sentiments. These sentiments play an important role in determining turning points of an economy's growth trajectory. The Aspirational India database provides answers to the five questions that determine consumer sentiments. These questions capture perceptions of the household's current economic well-being and expectations of the future.

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